You can trust TrustMedal, a certification-based online marketplace that aims to bring together buyers and the very best online sellers – just like Global Sources, Alibaba, Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces. But we add something extra: certification. Truste, Verisign, Better Business Bureaus and other certification companies offer certificates and so do we. We verify the quality of sellers making it easier for buyers to make smart buying decisions.

Our vision is to be a trusted marketplace for certified businesses to connect with serious buyers. We have decades of experience meeting customer needs and serving businesses through our knowledge of electronic marketplaces, digital marketing, security certification, buyer connections and more.

Mayuri Thakare

As head and manager of TrustMedal, Mayuri Thakare brings decades of experience in digital marketing, payment processing and ecommerce. She also has unmatched experience in managing a global client base to create an extraordinary platform capable of connecting buyer needs with trusted sellers.

Satish Chilika

A gifted website developer and graphic designer, Satish Chilika is also a technology innovation leader who brings experience in user interfaces, graphics and website creation to the company. Satish is responsible for the TrsutMedal web presence.

Madhuri Thware

A digital marketing expert, Madhuri Thware is competent in working with clients around the world to create excellent digital marketing campaigns. For TrustMedal, she creates and promotes Verified TrustMedal Profile Pages for our clients.

Saurabh Raut

A young, visionary programmer, Saurabh Raut possesses the skills necessary to enable businesses to use the power of ecommerce to expand their success. Saurabh creates and manages databases, software code and modules for our company with great skill and ease.


We invite you to be the part of our Internet revolution to personalize the Internet.

Our platform is based on trust; all the reviews are honest and not to deceive customers. To all businesses with loads of good ratings, an award is usually given, and this keeps competitors on their feet to satisfy their clients. Go ahead and create an account either as a business owner or a customer and start making a difference.

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